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[Mgs] alt wiring question

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Subject: [Mgs] alt wiring question
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 23:08:22 +0000 (UTC)
Greetings list.
okay, so I found the alt replacement for my mg aftermarket kit. (1980 ford
fiesta, I think) No longer supported at local pep boys. but infernet had many,
this one a motorola for around $35, shipping and return core not yet
configured into that price.

New distributor has three insulated terminals
Big red one. power.
FLD should be field , goes to ignition light.
STA I think is "stator" and that's the one I'm not sure about.
I think it's a feedback for the alt to know the condition of the battery, and
regulate accordingly.
but it's insulator is black. though why I should worry about insulating a
ground is a mystery.
I suspect I can either splice the Power and Sta together, or find a fused link
for the Sta.

car is a 65 mgb with a lot of electrical mods, but should be a simple matter
figuring out where the STA wire goes.

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