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[Mgs] Successor of MGTF?

Subject: [Mgs] Successor of MGTF?
From: paulhunt73 at (PaulHunt73)
Date: Thu, 3 May 2012 08:55:10 +0100
References: <C6904EB75CF44BE89DA85E475D6245AE@uw471de61b465c>
I had trouble working out what was different to the previous MGF/TF until I 
looked at two side by side, the rear lights are exactly the same.  Skin-wise 
it's just a face-lift, which is odd considering the engineering changes 
underneath to move the engine from the middle to the front.  And I'd put 
money on it being FWD, like so much else, if that is indeed what has been 


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