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[Mgs] Successor of MGTF?

Subject: [Mgs] Successor of MGTF?
From: ccrobins at (Charley & Peggy Robinson)
Date: Fri, 04 May 2012 07:03:45 -0500
References: <C6904EB75CF44BE89DA85E475D6245AE@uw471de61b465c> <9681894D1E8A46BF854C71BC6B5D7B90@paul>

Are there many MG/TFs still running in the UK?


On 5/3/2012 2:55 AM, PaulHunt73 wrote:
> I had trouble working out what was different to the previous MGF/TF 
> until I looked at two side by side, the rear lights are exactly the 
> same.  Skin-wise it's just a face-lift, which is odd considering the 
> engineering changes underneath to move the engine from the middle to 
> the front.  And I'd put money on it being FWD, like so much else, if 
> that is indeed what has been done.
> PaulH.
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