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[Mgs] Can't remove clutch slave components

Subject: [Mgs] Can't remove clutch slave components
From: steve at (Steve Shoyer)
Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 01:50:30 -0400
I'm trying to replace my clutch slave cylinder, as well as the hose leading
to it, but I can't loosen the fitting on the pipe that connects to the
clutch hose.  I'm afraid of breaking the pipe if I use too much force on the
wrench.  I sprayed the area with B'laster, which hasn't made any difference
On top of that, the clevis pin that holds the push rod to the clutch lever
is rusted in place and won't budge either.
I would use a torch to heat them both up, but it doesn't look like the
safest idea, mainly because everything in the area is covered by oil or
underbody sealer.
Does anyone have any tips how to get the old parts loose?  Thanks.
--Steve Shoyer   1980 MGB

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