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[Mgs] Roadster screen

Subject: [Mgs] Roadster screen
From: paulhunt73 at (PaulHunt73)
Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 16:44:35 +0100
Has anyone had the thick spacers and shims out of the sockets where the screen
legs go?  A pal is rebuilding what he bought as an abandoned restoration,
couldn't find these parts and has ordered and received them from one of the
usual suspects (MGOC).  As far as I was aware the spacers and shims were held
in the body with a small screw between the two main screen leg bolt holes.
However whilst the shims (looks like fibre board) have a central hole the
thick spacers don't.  Also the thick spacers have the AHH number heavily
embossed on one face, which will either go against the screen leg or the shim
and body.  As the bolts will pull the screen leg against the thick spacer, and
the shims, to the body panel it seems to me that the embossing could get
crushed over time, it is only alloy, loosening the screen.  The letters are
also on a plinth raising them even higher, so tightening the bolts is going to
tend to bend the spacer and/or the screen leg, depending on which way the
embossing faces.

So, *should* the small screw screw into the thick spacer?  And are originals
embossed like that?


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