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[Mgs] Roadster screen

Subject: [Mgs] Roadster screen
From: paulhunt73 at (PaulHunt73)
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 08:42:10 +0100
References: <3523E74574F34CD791E5A6423FA091E8@paul> <>
True - MGB.  It's the spacers and packing that have to be right or you can 
crack the glass, which is why I'm bothered about the embossing getting 


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> It might help if we knew what model car.  The MGA has no spacers, only 
> fiber shims as required (not always).
> At 04:44 PM 5/13/2012 +0100, PaulHunt73 wrote:
>>Has anyone had the thick spacers and shims out of the sockets where the 
>>screen legs go? 

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