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[Mgs] air pump question for a 70

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Subject: [Mgs] air pump question for a 70
From: "davewillner" <>
Date: Thu, 31 May 2012 19:25:32 -0400
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When I purchased my 70 about 5 years ago for my wife, it had all the smog and
air pump pieces removed and blocked off pretty well. It looks ok under the
hood, although not quite original and the car runs extremely well with no
issues what so ever. I recently purchased a complete used set up in very good
shape with all the hoses, air pump, filter, etc, from a 71 B kinda ready to
just install.  What kind of "can of worms" am I going to open up after I get
this installed, I mean what should I expect performance-wise? I think it would
be a nice feature to show just because there are so few of them installed
these days, and I've been a stickler on originality with this one...Any ideas
on what I can expect, or should I steer clear and forgot it?  Thanks for the

Dave Willner
Stroudsburg PA
59 TR3A
70 MGB
70 BSA 441 VS
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