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Re: [Mgs] Front End Re-Bushing (Late B)

Subject: Re: [Mgs] Front End Re-Bushing (Late B)
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Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2013 02:08:22 GMT
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  Choose anything other than the OEM rubber bushings. My experience with the
replacement bushings, the rubber two-piece and the V8, is that five years is
all you can expect from them, less if you take the car out of the garage and
enjoy it.
   I hesitated, twice, to use the red ProThane bushings because my present MGB
is a GT, and the catalogue notes that the ProThane bushings may transmit more
noise. Cabin resonance in the GT I a concern.
  For the third buying replacement, I installed the ProThane and have been
delighted with them. There is no additional noise that I can detect, and the
improvement in ride and handling is significant. I always liked the GT, but
always felt that this car was both stiff and lumbering. That feeling is
banished. It handles much better and is much more taut under all conditions.
   I am changing my TD to synthetic bushings too, as the present five year old
front bushings appear to be as worn as the sixty year old bushings in rear
springs and shackles.
   Assuming that the nuts and bolts separate without damage, you won't need
any new parts. But check bushing for anti sway bar and all the other bits in
the front, as you don't want to remove control arms and springs any more often
than necessary. It's not complicated (there are instructions easily found) but
you do have to release a spring, and the spring, even on its rebound rubbers,
has a lot of energy.
   If alignment is ok now, it should remain ok.

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From: "Eugene Balinski" <>
Subject: [Mgs] Front End Re-Bushing  (Late B)
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2013 20:02:59 -0500


   I need to replace the rubber FE bushings on my 1980 B.
They are egg shaped and I think are ready to break through.
I have a couple of questions;

Moss has a several types of bushings.  Is there one type
that is preferred, and why ? I am an average driver that
puts on about 1-2 k miles a year, mostly back roads.

Regarding the actual replacement  - are there any
"gotchas"?  Any special tools required ?  Should I replace
the hardware as well as the bushings ? Will the FE need to
be realigned.

Thanks in advance,

80 B
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