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[Mgs] Brake Caliper Problem

To: "" <>
Subject: [Mgs] Brake Caliper Problem
From: Matthew Milkevitch <>
Date: Sun, 27 Jul 2014 10:56:01 -0700
Dear Listers:

I have been working on my '74 MGB-GT lately, and I noticed that
the front wheels don't rotate the same.  The LH side rotates more freely than
the RH side.  

 this was a sticking brake caliper, I replaced both
calipers, brake 
flexible lines and pads (along with the discs).  

doing this work, things 
are a little improved but the wheels still don't
rotate the same.  You 
can hear the RH side scraping when the wheel turns. 
When you pull the 
pads out of the RH side and push the caliper piston in a
little and 
re-install the pads, the wheel turns freely like the LH side. 
Once you 
push in the brake pedal in, however, the condition returns. 

To my
knowledge, the wheel bearings are correctly adjusted (outer nut to 60 ft/lbs,
the hub turns freely with no "clunk."

 advice on where to check next?  Do
you think this is an issue with the 
master cylinder or the hard brake line to
that caliper perhaps?

Thanks for any help,
Matt Milkevitch
Maple Glen, PA
1974 MGB-GT

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