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Subject: Re: [Mgs] 79 MGB handbrake
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Date: Fri, 17 Jul 2015 15:42:58 +0100
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The 'box' only applies to 77 and later MGBs.  Before that the outer ends at 
a pivoting lever on the diff casing, the inner extends to the left-hand 
wheel, and a short cable goes back from the right-hand wheel.  Other than 
that both types work the same, i.e. the end of the outer moves to a position 
where the same force is applied to both brakes when the cabin lever is 
pulled up.

I posted a link to a picture of the later system.

There were no less than 10 handbrake cables for the MGB - banjo, Mk1 tube, 
Mk2 chrome, rubber bumper to September 76, and September 76 on, and each of 
these had variations for wire wheels and stud wheels.  So plenty of scope 
for manufacturers getting it wrong.  The first four pairs all vary in length 
and the last pair has the different compensation arrangement, as well as a 
different length to most if not all of the others.  If yours is only 
slightly too long i.e. the cabin lever comes up too far and you have used up 
all the adjustment at the cabin lever end, you can clamp a spacer or 
'shortener' onto the short cable at the compensation lever, between the 
nipple and where it comes out of the trunnion on the free end of the 
compensation lever


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> That sounds intriguing. I have a '69 Tourer w/wire wheels.  The cable for 
> it doesn't have a rectangular box, AIR. 


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