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[Mgs] Clutch master cylinder

Subject: [Mgs] Clutch master cylinder
From: Elliottmg via Mgs <>
Date: Sun, 6 Nov 2016 16:21:57 -0500
Yesterday I started to work on the clutch master cylinder for my project car 
and ran into a problem.  The car is a 1971 MGB and the cylinder is an unmarked 
Lockheed (no circles or stripes).  The rebuild kit is Moss 180-965.  The new 
spring plus the new piston plus the push rod will not fit into the cylinder. It 
isn't even close -- Probably a half Inch too long with the spring fully 
compressed. When I looked into the cylinder I can see something rubbery at the 
bottom end of the cylinder down by the reservoir. Should there be anything 
rubbery down there?  If not, could an old seal be stuck in the cylinder?  
Thanks for your help.
Elliott in Maryland

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