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Re: [Mgs] Sunday morning, a bit OT

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Sunday morning, a bit OT
From: Craig Brownlee via Mgs <>
Date: Sun, 6 Oct 2019 16:05:05 -0500
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Hi Rick,

I love what you do with your grandson. 

My Sunday afternoon is being spent researching  the MGB ignition process. My B 
hasnâ??t been driven much over the past few years because of a problem that 
Iâ??m assuming is probably points related. It was running great after my 
mechanic did a tune up and then it started sputtering and now canâ??t pull 
itself around the driveway.  At the last service my mechanic convinced me to 
replace the Petronix electronic ignition for points. Iâ??m hoping that 
reinstalling  the electronic ignition will cure my problem. 

Watching YouTube videos to make sure I will know how to do it. Finally cooling 
off here in Tulsa so it is perfect MG weather. 


Craig Brownlee, PE LLC
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> On Oct 6, 2019, at 6:40 AM, Richard Lindsay via Mgs <> 
> wrote:
> Hello Friends, and good morning from South Texas!
> Another hot day is forecast for today so I plan to get my car work (play?) 
> done early. Two jobs are in the queue, neither of which involves the 
> Maserati, strangely enough! :-P The first is filling two petrol jugs with 
> fuel and heading to my shop. The Triumph TR6 ran out of gas while moving it 
> about yesterday. My grandson and I ended up pushing it into position, ready 
> for tomorrow's transport.
> Once the TR6 is fueled, its back to the house to spend an hour or so on the 
> MG TD. That car is to get the other half of its tune up. Specifically, the 
> timing will be checked, and adjusted as required,  valves adjusted, and the 
> SU carburetors will get cleaned and the linkage lubricated. The car will get 
> a new brake master cylinder, but not today. Rather, a garage cleanup is 
> needed first so the master cylinder job can happen cleanly and efficiently.
> As much as I have enjoyed working on the Biturbo, it's nice that I now don't 
> have to do so! It's running great. Yesterday, the car started at the first 
> turn of the key and ran great as I moved cars around. After completing a few 
> more competing projects, the car will get regular use.
> You? How are you spending your Sunday? Any LBC projects in the queue. I know 
> some of you are contemplating winter storage and maintenance projects for 
> your cars, but for us on America's south coast, its driving season!
> Rick
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