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If the points or other trigger are iffy you normally get the tach needle 
jumping around with any misfire.  If the tach is steady it's more likely to 
be HT or fuel.  Could be the condenser with points - especially if recently 
replaced, but they usually work or they don't.

The little wire Robert refers to - which originally was brown 
cloth-insulated tinsel wire - is needed for under-cap triggers such as 
Pertronix and points.  It's not used where only the pickup is under the cap 
and the electronics are external such as Optronic or Magnetronic.  With 
vacuum advance it is continually being flexed back and fore so can fracture 
eventually.  The 25D4 points wire from the external spade is the same.  On 
45D4 distributors where the points wire passes out though a hole in the 
distributor body, that is black plastic insulated, is designed to be more 
flexible than standard wire, but can still fracture internally.


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>   Easily overlooked is the little, very little, black earth wire between 
> the moving plate of distributor and the distributor body.  If you are 
> experiencing intermittent electrics, check that for continuity, or better, 
> replace the 40 year-old thing.




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