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Odd gauge Morgan/Healey

Subject: Odd gauge Morgan/Healey
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 13:59:18 -0500

can anyone please look up the application of a GD1500 /29 Smiths oil
pressure and water temp gauge.

it should be circa 1963,  as it was mounted in My Morgan Super Sports on
the left of the Dash (LHD)

looks like my healey one, but numbers are different.

0-100 lbs/ sq inch on pressure and 0-230 on the temp in F.

I think it was used as a temp gauge for the finned alloy sump  and oil
cooler in the car.

any suggestions or clues very much appreciated.   The dating of it would
be quite helpful,  It has a large brass nut on the end of the   temp
part, and a steel oil pressure line.

I have seen these on the other endurance Super Sports Morgans, including
Tok 258 and XRX 1

I am just trying to figure out its original application to restore it!


Bob Bowie
63 Morgan SS 5381

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