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O-rings for dash gauges

Subject: O-rings for dash gauges
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2001 10:39:58 -0500
If you are restoring your dash then please read on..............

I sourced o-rings for the gauges on pre-1977 MGBs.  So I now supply BOTH 
the one that goes between gauge and dash, AND the one that goes between 
glass and chrome bezel.  The latter is not available from Moss or Vic 
Brit.  I have been asked to provide for other cars and thus I have decided 
to go whole hog on the project.  So I am looking for anyone who can help.

I am appealing to the clubs who can help me lay my hands on gauges used in 
the various vehicles.  If they can find some dud gauges, that are about to 
be trashed, and send them to me I could use them to get made the right size 
of o-ring.   This is a bit tricky as the wrong size can cause 
problems.   If anyone has info on cross-use of gauges I would appreciate 
the data.

I will return gauges if required complete with a set of o-rings free of 
charge for the first person.   A set is usually $10 (two small, two large 
for MGB).

I am in Barrie, (yes! the named the city after me) which is about an hour 
north of Toronto.


Barrie Robinson -

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