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Morgan 60's questions

Subject: Morgan 60's questions
From: robert m bowie <>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 19:55:08 -0800

at it again,

I have the following questions,but my car is a 1963  Plus 4  SS so may
not always apply,

1)rubber and the tool box, how is it laid out, does it sit originally
under or in the toolbox, mine is full width  on the SS  the reason I ask 
is that it is also under the header tank mounts originally, it must have
been there to damp vibrations. . which direction did the ribbed rubber
go? front to back ribbing?  I had read once that there was water trapping

2) the fuel line as it runs back, where does it go,mine was black pvc and
it was dual lines one runs on the left  right on top of the sill board,
is it simply added in with connectors to the sill board? does it go under
the parcel shelf  The twin bendix fillers I have how they went but not
through the interior.

3)was the speedo drive gear the same as any other car? (need one)  for
the moss box?  mine is bad, I dont know if it can be rebult?

Thanks for hints or thoughts, I have had fantastic help with my fellow
moggers, and just want to make sure I have some small details correct
that I forgot when torn down.

another odd thing, does anyone have a large brace behind the dash that
goes from the back of the bulkhead on the top right and goes accross the
car inside?  Its a fitting I have found on two twin filler endurance SS
racers, and wanted to know if morgan or Fergus motors fit this bracing,
it looks like a big cross axle brace version as used to stiffen the front
suspension in the SS racers, and Baby Doll variants such as Dr. Aldersons
car.  it even is simple cut, flattened and bent like those braces, so I
suspect morgan did it to stiffen the bulhead.  it was bolted in right
through the wood of the bulkhead and the bulkhead steel and full width

Best Regards,

Bob Bowie in Maine
63 Morgan SS 5381

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