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Re: Morgan 60's questions

Subject: Re: Morgan 60's questions
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:57:59 -0500
> 1)rubber and the tool box, how is it laid out, does it sit
> originally under or in the toolbox, mine is full width  on
> the SS  the reason I ask  is that it is also under the
> header tank mounts originally, it must have been there to
> damp vibrations. . which direction did the ribbed rubber
> go? front to back ribbing?  I had read once that there was
> water trapping problems.


On my 65 4/4 the ribbs ran left to right, and the rubber was
under the tool box lip.  And yes this did pose a serious

> 2) the fuel line as it runs back, where does it go,mine
> was black pvc and it was dual lines one runs on the left
> right on top of the sill board, is it simply added in with
> connectors to the sill board? does it go under the parcel
> shelf  The twin bendix fillers I have how they went but
> not through the interior.

Again on my 4/4 the fuel line ran along the sill plate then
the fenderwell to the horizontal wood braces for the trunk
ledge, and through the back deck of the trunk area.

> another odd thing, does anyone have a large brace behind
> the dash that goes from the back of the bulkhead on the
> top right and goes accross the car inside?....

If you are talking behind the dash, yes.  I have a tube -
maybe 1" dia. that goes across (left to right) and is bolted
the firewall and wood framing.

> bolted in right through the wood of the bulkhead and the
> bulkhead steel and full width toolbox.....
> sent.

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