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Subject: RE: Hello
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 09:48:03 -0400
Hello again,

Thanks very much to all that responded. This line from John Blair seems to
echo the sentiments of a number of you...

        >Boy, I haven't seen this much traffic here in quite a while. :)

I'm hoping that that's a good thing...:-)

I'll also check out but in the meantime it's nice to catch up here.
I've been concentrating on the restoration of a couple of vintage trials
bikes when time has allowed. Also been helping my 18 year old son with two
VW Beetle projects. I don't know about other places, but here in Southern
Ontario the original Beetles have virtually disappeared. One of Alex's, a
1970, is a real sweetheart and he uses it as a daily driver. The other, a
1969, needs quite a bit of work (understatement!!) but it's turning into an
excellent learning experience for him. He doesn't seem to be intimidated by
any task and every step forward seems to motivate him to dig a little deeper
and make the car a little better. 

On another front, we were talking about my Morgan and the subject of value
came up. I'm not talking about it's current value but what it would have
been worth after its restoration. So, in the interest of discussion, I'll
throw it out to you good people.

A little background...

It's a '63 Plus 4. It underwent a total restoration between 1979 and 1984
due to rust problems (when I bought it in 1973 it actually came with snow
tires!!) and an argument with a tornado. The restoration was quite
extensive: new frame, 4 new fenders, new tub, etc., etc. The question is
what would the car's value have been at that point, fresh off the
restoration in the mid eighties? I realize there are a gazillion variables,
and that none of you have seen the car, but for sake of discussion, what
would the range have been? Any thoughts?

Scott Barrie

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