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RE: Morgan Value - Was Hello

Subject: RE: Morgan Value - Was Hello
From: "John T. Blair" <>
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 18:31:47 -0400
At 09:48 AM 9/10/2004 -0400, wrote:

>On another front, we were talking about my Morgan and the subject of value
>came up. I'm not talking about it's current value but what it would have
>been worth after its restoration. So, in the interest of discussion, I'll
>throw it out to you good people.
>A little background...
>It's a '63 Plus 4. It underwent a total restoration between 1979 and 1984
>due to rust problems (when I bought it in 1973 it actually came with snow
>tires!!) and an argument with a tornado. The restoration was quite
>extensive: new frame, 4 new fenders, new tub, etc., etc. The question is
>what would the car's value have been at that point, fresh off the
>restoration in the mid eighties? I realize there are a gazillion variables,
>and that none of you have seen the car, but for sake of discussion, what
>would the range have been? Any thoughts?


Basically I'd say your car was worth about $20,000 at that time.  When I
finished my 4/4 in 92 it appraised for $25,000.  It has been a trailer 
queen ever since and is now an AACA National Senior.  My guess is that
if you've kept the car in about the same shape as it was, it should still
be worth about $25,000.  If it's starting to show some wear, then something
above $15,000 would be my guess.

Try searching for Morgans for sale on the net and see what they are going
for.  Another factor, is how badly do you want/need to sell it.  I don't
want to sell mine.  So it would take enough money for me to buy another
one in the same shape as mine plus about $50,000 for the sentimental 
attachment.  I've owned my car since '69.  Got lots of fond memories.

I may be totally out in left field.  Prices keep getting away from me!  I
still want to pay $.05 for a coke and now they want a $1.00 and up for a
bottle of coke.


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