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From: "ROGER GLEASON" <rogerg@maverick.facil.uconn.edu>
Date: Thu, 4 Feb 1999 13:39:19 -500
To the best of my knowledge and belief the following has occurred,
please correct me if this info is incorrect.....:
Thanks to you guys that have answered my request and some other 
research I have done, I have accumulated the following info:

The so called "power pack" heads were manufactured in 57 only with a 
single point and casting no. 3731539... they were used on corvette 
283 's  and on other installations with F.I.
  |             |  Looks something like this. There is reports of  a 
mysterious casting that has two points and I remember seeing them 
when very young but could find no info...maybe see below.
Heads for the 2X4 carb installations had a casting no. of 
3731762 and were manufactured in 1956 for the 265 cu.in.F.I. corvette 
engine (??)

The camel humps (use your imagination) had the following casting 
numbers and had all sorts of changes and features:

3782461X..1960-63 283/327..172/64 cc port volumes
3782461 ...64-66   327 .. 160/62 cc  p.v.
3890462 ...66-67 302/327/350
3917291 ...67-68 302/327/350
3917292 ...68      327/350
3927186 ...69-70 302/350   64cc chambers
3927187 ...69-70 350          64 cc chambers                    
3973414 ...70     350   LT1-370hp  64 cc
3991492 ...70     350   LT1-straight or angle plugs 64cc
you can check these numbers at this url

These heads were intended to be run on a 283 and as such have small
ports and valves( by todays standards).  They also were intended to 
run on leaded higher octane fuel. I'd suggest they be used by
someone who needs those heads for a '57 restoration and buy 
a set of Vortec "L31" cast iron heads over the counter from a Chevy 
parts outlet.  They flow a lot more air, have 1.94/1.5 valves, 170cc 
runners, fast burn chambers and would work much better on a 350 than  
the old 283 heads. The Vortec heads require a matching 
intake from Chevy or Edelbrock and cost complete for the pair is 
about $385.00.  They are the best performance bargain on the market 
today.  By the time you add bigger valves to these old heads and have 
seat and guide work done and have "hardened" seat inserts installed 
so you can run today's low octane unleaded fuels, the rebuild costs 
will equal or surpass the price of a new set of Vortec heads.

I will accept and appreciate any corrections to the above anytime and 
thanks again those who have added their experiences and comments... 
fact of fiction!

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