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PS--Re: [oletrucks] Tires: Bias ply vs. Radial?

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Subject: PS--Re: [oletrucks] Tires: Bias ply vs. Radial?
From: MarkNoakes@aol.com
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 18:23:21 EST
Forgot to mention that when my brother Brian first got his 57 truck, he put
rallye wheels and wide radials on it.  The steering effort was excessive and
the truck didn't track well at all. . .wandered all over the place.  He had to
put original wheels and tires (Coker bias ply) back on it when it was used as
a movie prop in the 80's and discovered that it  solved the steering and
tracking problems; it's stayed stock ever since.



When I got my TF Suburban, it had 4 different kinds of bias ply tires on it so
the first thing I did was put a set of radials on it using the original
wheels.  They were just normal 15-in truck radials.  It handled and tracked
just fine.

I've heard via this list that you should avoid wide radials and/or nonstock
offset wheels on the stock suspension.

Mark Noakes
58/56 Suburban
Knoxville, TN

In a message dated 3/12/99 12:11:57 PM, you wrote:

<<Any ADvice on what tires to put on my '49 3100?

I had bias ply tires, they were old and had the typical "flat spot" that would
warm up after driving about ten miles.  After painting my wheels, I was
planning on changing to radials this weekend, but a friend advised that the
radials will be much harder to turn at low speeds on "that old truck".  I'd
like to get the handling and ride benefit from radials, but am I going to be
sweating every time I parallel park?

Thanks for whatever wisdom you can offer.

'49 3100 delux>>
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