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[oletrucks] rear end question

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Subject: [oletrucks] rear end question
From: "Brian m" <pkupman57@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 1999 11:48:39 PST
  i know this question has been answered a million times over, but im now in 
the possition i didnt think i ever would be. becuase my parents (im 17) want 
to get me a new rear end becuase the caddy i have now has a different bolt 
patteren as the chevy i have in front. and they want them to be the same, 
becuase i only have one spare tire to carrry. my question is, what chevy 
rear end will be almost, if not, a direct bolt in to my stock  leaf springs 
and shocks, and everything (5 lug)? and, if i  get one of the disk brake 
kits for the front, can i pull the rotors off the same camaro/firebird and 
use them with the kit? how bout the calipers? im planning on getting the kit 
either from pickups northwest, or No Limit. thanks for any help, it is 
greatly appreciated.
Jess; '57 chevy 3200

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