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[oletrucks] What's my rear-end ?

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Subject: [oletrucks] What's my rear-end ?
From: Stu <sbcltd@netcomuk.co.uk>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 08:46:27 -0000
.... also about my rear axle.

Thanks to Ron I'm back to being 'confused of England'  and need to find out
what the rear end in my truck is. I'll get a picture before long but I
thought someone might have an idea anyway.

It's not a closed axle but it has the bolts at the front and a spherical
back on it. It has drum brakes and it's the type which takes male studs (The
hubs are smooth with no studs) It's been drilled out to 5 stud but I can't
see what it was before the work.

I know it's a bit vague but I'll get more info tonight.

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