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Re: [oletrucks] electrical harness

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Subject: Re: [oletrucks] electrical harness
From: Michael Mendonca <mm@service-quality.com>
Date: 26 Mar 2001 17:38:04 -0800

I support your decision especially after reading a series of articles where 
people's classic vehicles all burned down and sometimes burned the house down 
due to a restoration that did NOT include a new wiring harness.  I got mine 
from Carter's and it looks to be of pretty good quality.  Lousy instructions, 
however, a nice chart.  Get a Chevy truck assembly manual as it has great 

'54 Chevy 3100

On Monday, March 26, 2001 11:43 AM, Sam Barrette 
<Sam.Barrette@mail.oasd.k12.wi.us> wrote:
>The wiring on my 50 3100 is mostly original and a mess.  Blinkers, horn
>gas gauge, gauge lights etc don't work.  Therefore I think I'm best off
>to replace the whole harness.  However I'd also need to include  the CB
>and stereo etc.  I wouldn't mind having a fuse box to run some of these
>items through.
>My understanding is that some of the harnesses are better quality than
>Does anyone have a name brand harness that they would recommend, and
>where did you get it from?  Does it come with good
>Thanks, Sam  1950 3100
>oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941
>and 1959
oletrucks is devoted to Chevy and GM trucks built between 1941 and 1959

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