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Subject: [oletrucks] finaly... some assembly
From: K Ohlgren <kjohlgren@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 4 Mar 2009 19:38:44 -0500
fellow truck listers

it's been a long time coming. lot's of delays, too much money and too little
time. my project is finaly getting some semblence of a truck again.

i've been a member of both truck lists since 02 and realize the purists
(old-chevy-truck) won't like this, but i put this out there for all that will.
i have done all the work on it myself, with help painting and on the heavy
stuff. if you don't like modified, don't read any further. no one's truck is
100% stock, but i enjoy and appreciate stock and modified.

there is nothing stock in the truck with the exception of some of the
sheetmetal. most sheetmetal has been modified, if ever so slightly. it has a
new (in 03, zero miles) gm ramjet 350, fuel injected motor & computer. trans
is an automatic overdrive 4 speed. rearend is out of an 89 trans am, posi,
disc brakes and 3.26 gears (hyway gears). front end is a fatman mustang II,
power rack & pinion steering, coil springs & disc brakes. power hydroboost
brakes from an 03 mustang.frame is boxed, braced & reinforced front to back.
sway bars front & rear. new wheel powder coat by yours truly. tilt steering
column from 89 chevy van w/column shift. power windows retrofit from 06 dodge
durango. air conditioning. cruise control. aluminum gas tank with electric
pump located behind the rear axle. all trim has been shaved off, same with the
door handles. remote entry. remote start. 2way alarm system. dash has been
shaved smooth (no glovebox, radio hole). electric seats are from an 07 fusion.
custom fiberglass console, armrest, sub/amp enclosure (behind seat), door
panels, speaker kick panels. cowl vent has been shaved. the truck sits about
half of the stock heigth. stereo is a killer system; dvd mp3, amps & speakers
were in last yrs sema car. bed is heavily modified with a trunk. every nut,
bolt, bracket & piece was removed & replaced or refubished. all new rubber
seals. everything painted, powdercoated or rustproofed. i am building this to
drive, i plan to take it to florida and idaho from my home in michigan.

 here is a picture of how i left it tonite.


i created a monster when i decided to make a custom fiberglass interior,
here's a pic of it. the column cover is not in place but you get the idea.


if you want to look at more pics my photobucket album is here


it's mostly truck pics plus a few odds n ends



58 3100 Apache project

the "Duracell Project" it keeps going... and going...

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like everyone else in the car.

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