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RE: [oletrucks] finaly... some assembly

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Subject: RE: [oletrucks] finaly... some assembly
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Date: Fri, 6 Mar 2009 08:48:12 -0500
Regarding the wife comment - "i don't even want to know how much i have
invested in my 58 and i definitely don't want my
wife to know.." - I believe we all see some truth in that comment.

By the way, she probably says the same thing about her shoe and clothes
collection :-)  lol...     --wayne

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re-sending. someone forgot to edit their reply

thanks to all whom replied. it has been a labor of love/hate and i don't
want to know how much i have invested in my 58 and i definitely don't want
wife to know...
i had this 58 truck, a 59 pickup and a 59 panel when i moved to MI from NC,
yrs ago. i had to make a choice and chose this as the easiest to update.
though the panel would have been the best one. had i just restored the truck
would have been done yrs ago, but noooo, i had choose the imposible route of
making everything custom (wait until you see the bed (rumble seat & trunk)).
have owned a succession of 58 or 59 trucks since i was in highschool way
in 74 and always wanted a nice one. i left work in 01 when i was diagnose
ALS (lou gerhigs) and thought this would be a good thing to keep me from
getting bored (please no sympathy mail, i'm too busy).
i had a lot of fun learning fiberglass. i found http://fiberglassforums.com
and lurked around there for a while, learning and reading. i also have post
there, sort of my step by step on the fiberglass work
http://fiberglassforums.com/showthread.php?t=5697. the 'rear cab cover' is a
sub/amp/battery enclosure. i have fiberglass door panels and kick panel
speakers in the making too.
wayne & mark; yes i am a little sad to see oletrucks, old-chevy-trucks and
old-burb-club slow down to a crawl. personaly i'd like to see all lists
combined into one group with a forum that allowed pictures to be posted
is now a more traditional forum). i think it would add a lot to our groups
probably keep the interest of a lot more folks. but i am not inclined to do
it, so i will hang onto these groups.
nate, ken & allen; thanks, i know you're all stockers, but i also know some
you appreciate the work. (go back to your cave allen)
bill; i'll assume that was a dig. the color is 'screaming yellow' same color
as on the 04-10 mustangs
well, i'm out of guinness, so i need to go...

58 3100 Apache project
the "Duracell Project" it keeps going... and going...
When I die, i want to go asleep and peaceful, not screaming and freaking out
like everyone else in the car.

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