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[oletrucks] Radiator Clearance

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Subject: [oletrucks] Radiator Clearance
From: "Mike Sergesketter" <mserges@psci.net>
Date: Sat, 14 Mar 2009 10:15:51 -0400
Hello List!  Well I'm in the final stages of assembly and have run into a
challenge.  I disassembled the truck some 10 years ago, and am using the same
parts for reassembly as far as I can tell.  The truck is a 48 Chevrolet 3100
fitted with a 57 235 engine.  I drove the truck home when I bought it and
immediately began restoration....A local guy did the engine rebuild.  Last
week we did the initial refitting of the cab and front sheet metal (which was
a challenge after 10 years!).  We can't seem to fit the radiator back in
place.  Running into clearance problems.  I have seen a couple of articles
that suggested a short shaft pump, with a different pully.  What is confusing
is that the builder said he used the same style parts to reassmeble, and the
engine mounts are in the same place as original.  Same radiator too.  Has
anyone had this problem and if so, what is the most economical solution?

Thanks in advance for you expert advice!!


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