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See if this is the article you're speaking of on chevytrucks.org



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>From: Kirk Pierce <kpierce883@bellsouth.net>
>Subject: [oletrucks] 60's suspension in earlier truck
>I recall seeing an article on installing the front end cross 
>member/suspension into earlier trucks. 
>I remember that the process was to grind off the heads of the rivets in 
>order to remove the front end from the donor truck frame.  Then the 
>middle had to be cut out to make it narrower, then weld back together.  
>I don't remember how they attached to the frame though.
>Does anyone know if that information is available online, or if not, 
>maybe someone has the article?
Here are a couple of articles. I had a link to another, but the link
is no good.


I did this on my '52 3/4 ton, in conjunction with a later differential
and an LT1/700R4. If you use a front end from a '73-'88 truck, you
will get disc brakes. I think the Suburbans used the same front ends
for another couple of years. They are bolted, not riveted, but you do
have to cut a bunch of rivets out of your AD.

I see absolutely NO reason to cut the newer front end. You gain only
about 1-1/2" total by doing so. That's less than 3/4" per side. I used
tapered spacers on each side.

The key for me was selecting the right wheels. For my 3/4 ton, I
bought steel Dodge wheels from around 2001 with 6" of backset to bring
the tires under the fenders. See


It's possible to modify original hubcaps and install them onto these
wheels. I've done the spare but haven't gotten around to the rest of
the wheels.

I don't know about wheels for a half ton, but I see that early 2000's
Chevy trucks have wheels with a lot of backset.

Have the alignment shop add a little extra caster to compensate for
the slightly negative scrub radius, to help the steering come back to
center after turning. This truck drives out very nicely. First time I
merged onto a freeway I found myself doing 80 before I knew it.

Heather & Joe Way
Sierra Specialty Automotive
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