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Re: light - was benches

To: (Dave Williams)
Subject: Re: light - was benches
From: Andy Banta <Andy.Banta@Eng.Sun.COM>
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 1996 10:26:14 -0800
>-> I always assumed
>-> they had some funky little circuit that didn't put out decent-enough
>-> quality light for indoor lighting, but was adequate for "workshops."

> I dunno, we've been using the dual-4' flourescents in the house for
>ten, twelve years now.  Lots more light and less heat load than

I pulled apart one of the lights I have over the weekend.  Rather than
the usual sized ballast, this had two separate transformers, one for
each bulb, roughly an inch or so cube.

They're noisy, but put out great light for a shop.

> Yeah.  Right.  They used to be $10, most places.  Then they dropped to
>$6 or so - but now they gouge you $3 each for bulbs, so they really cost
>$12, compared to the old ones that came with bulbs to start with.

I'm still paying about a buck a bulb.


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