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Re: Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Filters

Subject: Re: Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Filters
From: (Christopher Albers)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 22:38:08 -0800,Internet writes:
>If you ask me, I am sure that Mobil one is not telling a lie here.  But
>to me, as long as you change you filter and oil at the recomennded
>serice intervals you will be ok.  I have heard countless stories of
>japanese engines being tore down for a rebuild only to find out that
>there is virtually no engine wear.  Most of these engines had been using
>synthetic however.  On the other hand, I feel that systhetic oil is
>worth the price, as it makes more of a difference in performance.

>From: Steve N <>
>Subject: Re: Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil Filters
>Date: Thu, 13 Nov 1997 16:13:10 -0800

  I am a subscriber to Consumer Reports and have come to trust their
findings, perhaps mistakenly to some.  Still, they have no agenda
(i.e., advertisers, corporate interests, etc.) other than to protect
the consumer.  That said, on to synthetic oil.
  According to Consumer Reports under normal daily driving conditions
there is no appreciable difference between it and regular oil.  That
is, oil is almost never subjected to the stresses that manufacturers
cite as making their oils superior to traditional oil.  Of course, this
would not hold true for racing applications.  But under normal driving
conditions with proper oil & filter changes, regular oil is just as
effective as synthetic oil and, according to CR, provides no
significant difference except in your wallet.

Christopher Albers

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