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RE: Air Compressor HP?

To: "'George Zhookoff'" <>,
Subject: RE: Air Compressor HP?
From: Keith Kaplan <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jun 1998 13:38:24 -0700
Most household outlets are wired for 15-20 amps.  Let's say you were getting
all 20 amps out of your outlet.  20*110 is 2200 watts, which, assuming 100%
efficiency, is just under 3hp.  I think that's why you weren't that
impressed.  I went from a Sears "3 hp" (probably close in actual power to
your 1.5 hp CH) to a 2 stage 6 hp Devilbiss ($600 very slightly used) last
year, and that difference indeed blew my socks off.  Once that 80 gallon
tank is full of 175 psi air, you can sandblast for quite a while before it
needs to run again.

You should probably experience a better example of a "6 hp" compressor
before you talk yourself out of wanting one.

> >Well this weekend I borrowed a neighbors Sears 6 HP compressor.  
> It was 110V.  20 Gallon tank with wheels.  

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