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Re: Air Compressor HP?

To: Douglas Shook <>
Subject: Re: Air Compressor HP?
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 21:06:00 -0500
Douglas Shook wrote:
> John Hardy wrote:
> - BIG SNIP -
> >
> > It will prove difficult to get anything above 14cfm with a single phase
> > motor but my horizons have expanded considerably since I installed 3 phase.
> >
> > Blessings be upon you and yours
> >
> >                       JH
> John,
> I envy your access to three phase, for most of us that requires a single
> phase to 3 phase converter at some cost and varying efficiencies and
> output.  But I agree, three phase is how all power should come.  The
> motors are much lighter, simpler, more efficient and cheaper.
> But if you are stuck with single phase, like most residential users, CH
> makes a 220VAC, 29 amp, single phase, dual stage unit that puts out a
> whopping 27 CFM at 90 PSI.  IR makes a wide range of single phase units
> (v-twins) that put out 24 CFM at 175 PSI, Quincy has a single phase unit
> that puts out 25 CFM at 100 PSI (80 gallon unit that draws 32 amps and
> weighs in at 700 pounds). Most of Quincy's 5 HP units are rated at 18 or
> 19 CFM on single phase.
> Again, I agree that three phase is the way to go if you have it, but
> there are some HO alternatives for us "phase deprived" individuals.
> doug
8 years ago I stepped up and acquired an IR two stage single phase 60
gal vertical, not cheap, but has solved all air problems.  Without
looking it up I believe it makes about 18.  It runs anything I can get
my hands on, is trouble free, and you can't tell it from new.  One of my
better decisions.  I recommend it highly.  In the same time a friend has
destroyed two or three Sears 5hp 30 gal. portables with much less use. 

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