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RE: Shop Equipment for sale

To: "Gano, Ken" <>, Steve Noe <>,
Subject: RE: Shop Equipment for sale
From: "R. John Lye" <>
Date: Wed, 17 Jun 1998 07:09:01
At 03:37 PM 6/16/98 -0500, Gano, Ken wrote:
>A word of caution.  The oxy-acetylene tanks are probably the property of the
>welding supply company.  I worked for one years ago, and the USUAL practice
>is to sell a lease or take a deposit, but not to sell the cylinders

Maybe so, but some companies *will* sell the tanks.  I bought
a set of tanks years ago, because I planned on keeping them
and didn't feel like paying rental charges forever.

John Lye

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