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RE: Shop Equipment for sale

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Subject: RE: Shop Equipment for sale
From: (John Miller)
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 08:36:24 -0700
Dave Williams writes:
> -> Maybe so, but some companies *will* sell the tanks.  I bought
> -> a set of tanks years ago, because I planned on keeping them
> -> and didn't feel like paying rental charges forever.
>  The DOT regs that started the mess are pretty stupid, but the shops
> love it, since it lets them screw more money out of their victims.  Er,
> customers.
>  You can buy tanks from Northern Hydraulic or Sears at about half of
> what most welding suppliers want.  Keep your receipt - it wouldn't be
> foolish to laminate it in plastic.  Paint your tanks some unique color
> and stencil your name on them.  Arrange to have the tanks refilled while
> you wait - the "swap for a full tank" scam lets them take your tank,
> which they then hydro and swap to someone else; you now have *their*
> tank, which can make it hell to get it filled anywhere else.  All four
> of mine got stolen this way before I caught on.

So, I guess I still don't understand the problem.  The tanks that
I use were purchased in the 1960's from a welding shop, and have
been exchanged when empty many times at a variety of different shops
throughout the Northwest.  Never a question asked or a date stamp checked,
at least as far as I know.

Are you implying that I'm playing a roulette game and if the date stamp
expires while I'm holding the tank them I have to pay a recertification fee?
As I said above, I don't believe that they check while I'm there.
In fact, I believe that the tanks that I get come out of a general pool
that they are exchanging with contractors all day long, possibly even
mixed up with the tanks that are being leased.

When I bought my MIG mail order a while ago, I went to the local shop
to buy the bottle and they sold me one, but just like 35 years ago,
I believe that it really was used (but was freshly repainted).
Why do I care?  They'll take it back for a refill and exchange it for
another (used) one that's full and the cycle continues (forever?).

John Miller

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