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RE: New shop

To: "'DWADE REINSCH'" <>, shop-talk@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: RE: New shop
From: Ken Landaiche <>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 08:43:45 -0700
I'm in the process of finishing a 24x26 foot garage/shop. It is already
too small. If you can double the size, you will appreciate it soon. 

1)      one - for the lights: general and task on different switches
        one - 220V
        two - more outlets than you can believe, at about 44 inches
around the walls, right around the height of the windows, come to think
of it, and for the same reason.

2,3) The windows should be a few inches higher than the bench top, which
can be anywhere from waist to elbow height, depending on what you want
to do on it. I think we agreed a few months ago that working at around
elbow height was most comfortable. So you might want benches of several
heights to get the thing being worked on to that level.

4) Water is very useful in the shop both for cleanup and a toilet.

Ken Landaiche

> -----Original Message-----
> GREAT NEWS!  I'm going to build a new MG garage/shop at my new home in
> Dallas!  So I need some advice.  (ALL advice taken in the spirit it is
> offered.)  I'm going to build a 20 by 20 barn type shop.  It will have
> a
> loft for storage and a 16 ft. garage type overhead door.  Specific
> questions are:  (1)  What type and size electrical circuits do I need.
> I DO plan to buy a 220-240 volt air compressor. (2) What size and
> height
> should the windows be, so they are above the work bench and (3) what
> height should the work bench be?
> TIA,
> Dwade

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