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Re: Batt. cutoff switch

Subject: Re: Batt. cutoff switch
From: Randall <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2000 00:32:16 -0800

Steve Budde wrote:
> Just incase you happen to be upside down or resting comfortable parked
> against the guardrail at your local speedway/AutoX/SoloII event, and have
> not yet reached full mental capacity the saftey workers need to be able to
> stop your car from running.

Yes, of course.  I was thinking more along the lines of an under-hood
switch, for storage or something.

In that case, why not leave the alternator wired directly to the battery
(through a suitable fusible link), and have the switch disconnect
everything else ?  As I think someone else mentioned, you have to break
the circuit between the alternator and ignition anyway, or the engine
will keep running even with the battery disconnected.  This will make
wiring an ammeter difficult, so switch to a voltmeter.


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