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Re: Lally column rust

To: Steven Trovato <>
Subject: Re: Lally column rust
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 21:12:49 -0400
Steven Trovato wrote:
> Hello all.  I have a lally column in my garage that holds up a steel I 
> beam.  The bottom has some rust and corrosion.  This is from water, snow 
> melt, salt, etc from cars parked in the garage.  I have some ideas to 
> prevent future corrosion, but I'm not sure how to evaluate the current 
> condition of the column.  Does anyone have any suggestions that don't 
> involve large hammers and end with "if the I beam falls and crushes your 
> head, then the column was bad".

   I would worry about it...

   The house I live in now, when I signed the deal, had a basketball 
hoop on a steel pole embedded in concrete on the driveway. Although I 
didn't care much, it was listed as "included" on the house contract.

   When I took possession, the hoop was included, but it was beside the 
house lying down.

   It turns out that the complete bottom "ring" of the pole had rusted 
clean away, and the pole had fallen in the wind. Not sure if it hit a 
car or not, it it fell today it would hit my daily driver.

   The rest of the pole is still PERFECTLY solid, I gave it to a friend 
and he stuck it in the ground and used it again as a shorter pole for 
younger kids. But you couldn't tell from looking at it that it had ever 
rusted completely though.

   The affected area was only a few mm thick, right along the bottom, 
the rest was perfect. Would be very hard to detect in place.

Trevor Boicey, P. Eng.
Ottawa, Canada,
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