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Re: Sand blast dust collector

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Subject: Re: Sand blast dust collector
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Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 05:56:28 -0500
> Any reason I couldn't or shouldn't use a cheap shop vac as
> the dust collector for my newly accquired blast cabinet?
> Also, what would be a good general purpose abrasive to use
> for automotive restoral work? I searched for a
> sandblasting faq, but only found company specific
> material...

I use a shop vac for the dust collector in my cabinets. 
the dust can and will cause an early failure to the motor.
To help stop this,  fill the bottom of the canister with
2" to 4" of water and make sure the diverter on the input
is pointing down.  The water will trap most of the dust so
doesn't make it to the motor.

Also using an additional canister between the shop vac and
the cabinet will help catch the dust.

Feel free to check out my article on media blasting at:

The only

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