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Re: Sand blast dust collector

To: Marc <>, shop-talk <>
Subject: Re: Sand blast dust collector
From: Bob Hare <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 12:19:05 -0700 (PDT)
--- Marc <> wrote:
> Any reason I couldn't or shouldn't use a cheap shop
> vac as the dust
> collector for my newly accquired blast cabinet?
> Also, what would be a good general purpose abrasive
> to use for automotive
> restoral work? I searched for a sandblasting faq,
> but only found company
> specific material...

Hi all,
I've been using a small (5 gallon) Genie shop vac on a
small blast cabinet for over 4 years without a motor
failure.  I recently built a much larger cabinet and
found my "old reliable" shop vac didn't draw enough
vaccuum.  I've upgraded to a 20 gallon Rigid shop vac,
and the CFM issues were resolved.  

Bob Hare (eBay id: rhare34)
Virginia Beach, Va.
1934 Ford Streetrod Pick Up
1966 Econoline Pick Up,
2000 Taurus
1956 Clausing 12 X 36 metal lathe

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