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Tool names.

To: Shop talk <>
Subject: Tool names.
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 06:14:23 -0700
Any other CSI junkies out there who watched last night's episode?

I loved it when they open the trunk of the Mercedes to find the body and 
the bloody murder weapon.  They pull out the weapon, a crow bar, and 
call it a "Tire Iron".  If you put a crow bar in a trunk, does it 
magically become a tire iron?  It's also referred to as that a couple of 
more times in the show.

I realize today's TV script writers are probably far too young to have 
ever seen an actual, real life tire iron.  However, I would have hoped 
at least one of the editors or "older" actors would have caught the 

Oh well, I guess I'm just totally dating myself, having actually changed 
tires by hand with tire irons. 


Bill Barnett
Santa Ana, CA

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