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Re: Gas line installation

To: Larry Hoy <>,
Subject: Re: Gas line installation
From: "David C." <>
Date: Tue, 31 Jan 2006 19:58:52 -0800
At 04:13 PM 1/31/2006 -0700, Larry Hoy wrote:
>1) black pipe (I think that is code)
>2) de-bur the inside of any cuts
>3) hang it every 4'
>4) use (natural) gas line plumbers dope/tape
>5) leak test line.
>Did I forget something?

Sounds like you got it all.  When the plumber/HVAC guys installed the gas 
line to my new Mr Heater Big Maxx three weeks ago (it works great, btw, and 
very quiet), they said they tested the gas line at 15 psi for about 20 
minutes; if it didn't leak down appreciably it was good to go.

Then the propane company guys came out the next day while I was at work and 
delivered the 120 gallon tank and hooked it to the gas line.  The regulator 
was connected to the black pipe and the tank connected to the regulator by 
1/4 or 3/8" soft copper line.  The cut the copper line too short and the 
tank "lid" (valve cover, actually) wouldn't close all the way and was 
resting on the copper line.  Lazy bastards.  I made them come out and 
change it yesterday.

Dave C

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