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Re: [Shop-talk] Mailbox to end all mailboxes

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Mailbox to end all mailboxes
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Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 19:17:03 -0400
That may be, but when my mailbox was taken off by a baseball bat, I put a 
4x6 into a couple of feet of concrete and lag bolted two mailboxes on top of 
it.  Yes, two, the small one inside of the larger one and a couple of inches 
of concrete between the two.  They tried the 'new' mailbox some time later 
and I heard the WHACK, then several expletives.  That was nearly 20 years 
ago and no one has even tried since.


> When it comes to intentional acts, vandalism, the problem is that whatever 
> clever idea you come up with can be taken as a challenge to the 
> delinquent, now that you've made him look bad in front of his fellow 
> delinquents.  Then he may feel obligated to come back for a more 
> aggressive second attempt.  The only thing that I think has made a dent in 
> this sort of behavior is the ubiquitousness of video surveillance.  You 
> never know when you'll be caught by a camera.  And then you have to 
> explain to mom what you were really doing out in her car Saturday night.
> At 11:25 AM 6/29/2009, Mullen, Tim (IS) wrote:
>>I remember seeing a clever mailbox "post".  The owner had gotten tired of
>>people knocking his box off, so he "hardened it".
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