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From: Chris Kotting <ckotting@iwaynet.net>
Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1998 07:44:00 -0400
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David -

Before you start yanking big heavy pieces out, make sure the clutch 
hydraulics are up to snuff.  Signs of needing a clutch job are generally 
slippage and nasty smells, what you have sounds like a failure to fully 
disengage, which is usually clutch hydraulics,  If you're not getting 
hydraulic fluid all over your feet, suspect the slave cylinder.

Chris Kotting

On Saturday, September 12, 1998 8:17 AM, Lancer7676@aol.com 
[SMTP:Lancer7676@aol.com] wrote:
> While checking out my accelerator cable (another post--still not 
resolved) on
> my '79 Midget, my clutch began whirring and grinding, sorta sounds like a
> garbage disposal.   Drove it home immediately.   The car has had a little
> grind going into 2nd gear in the 2-3 weeks I have had it.  Not it goes 
> all gears with a grind and with effort.  Does that sound like clutch job? 
> if so, while I have been an advocate for pulling the engine AND tranny at 
> same time, for ONLY a clutch job is it best to just pull the engine?  Or
> should I just feed it garbage?
> Any input will be appreciated!!
> --------David
>          '67 Sprite, aka, Vicky (Under Restoraton)
>          '79 Midget, aka, Taz (Driver until last evening)
> ---

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