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Moon's over MY'Hammie, No LBC Content

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Subject: Moon's over MY'Hammie, No LBC Content
From: Rick/Carolyn <walters@mail.softcom.net>
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 10:22:04 +0000
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Hi Fellow Sprigeteers,

Sorry I missed the chat last nite, but I was playing tour guide in
Yosemite.  I had a associate from work that has never been there, So we
took off the same days.  It was real nice up there this time of year. 
The view was spectacular.  This leads me to my subject.

You see it's a long climb to the top of Vernal and Nevada falls, and
because he had about twenty years on me I told him to meet me at the
top.  Well, you see he met this attractive young lady of the same age
and started waliking with her.  I couldn't blame him or keep up with
them.  So when I went to the top I couldn't find them.  I figured they
went up to Halfdome and was just setting under a old Pine tree eating
lunch.  People were walking by me, and I was in plain sight of the trail
to Halfdome.  

Two rather attractive young lady's went over by the river, thought they
would test the waters.  They had suits on, I didn't think much of it. 
Hee hee until they got out and were cold.  Next thing I know Off came
the suits and a very startled shock on their faces when they noticed me
sitt'n under the tree.  I appoligized for being there and even tried not
to look, but explained I was here first.  They should maybe look a
little closer if they don't want to be observed.  I might add I was too
tired to move anyways.  They gave me the dirtiest look as they left,
which explains why I had Moons over my Hammie (Ham sandwich) in the
middle of the day.

See ya next week on line.

52 MGTD,Sparky    74 MGB, B-tris    76 XJ12 Coupe, Jacque
60 Bugeye, Puddles      58 MGA Coupe, Ruby

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