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Re: Shocks

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Subject: Re: Shocks
From: Peter <nosimport@mailbag.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 10:13:20 -0700
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        Mike Gigante emailed me that he is struggling with the bolt that Monty
successfully removed from his front Sprite shock (good work, Monty). This
is the rear-most of the 3 bolts that mount a front shock. As discussed
previously that bolt hole needs to have a sleeve. Apparently the PO had
aleady replaced and over-sized the captive nut. Any suggestions on the best
way to go back to the 3/8" size so that the sleeve remains in the shock? I
don't have a sub-frame or car to look at at the moment. Thanks for any
        Cheers   Peter C 
Mike wrote:
>I have a small problem though - the PO had obviously stripped
>then captured nut in the shock mount "ears" on the RH side, rearmost
>nut. A larger nut and bolt (5/8 head instead of 9/16 head) have been used
>and the rear mounting hol on the shock has been enlarged to take
>the larger bolt.
>I see there is a sleeve in the shock body, so I'd guess that I can't just
>drill out the hole in the shock body (that you sent me) to take the larger
>bolt. Any suggestions? I was thinking of a helicoil or something like
>it if I can get one in the right thread sizes.

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