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Re: Exhaust Systems - Advice needed - Thanks

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Subject: Re: Exhaust Systems - Advice needed - Thanks
From: robert weeks <robert@woozy.com>
Date: Tue, 22 Sep 1998 12:05:42 -0500
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Congrats! for me it was $150 in hypnosis and the ocassional mint toothpick
to gnaw on. Tried the patch, tried the gum, they never worked for me, they
actually made me *more* dependent on nicotine. Hypnosis was a breeze, even
though I was skeptical for the most part.

Lately I've been putting in 15 miles every morning on my mountain bike
riding the trails around here. Definately helps with both the stress and
the detox.

Take care,


At 10:31 AM -0400 9/22/98, Nory wrote:
>Hey, me too!  I quit August 9th (thanks to a combination of Nicoderm CQ
>and $300 worth of hynosis).
>Maybe we could start an ex-smoking, stressed-out, LBC owners club.  Talk
>about road rage......

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