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Subject: Re: Rear Axle -
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Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 18:51:14 -0500
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If you'd like, I can let you in on the Team Thicko method... the "Secret

I recommend a Speedi Sleeve. We use no paper gasket. No O ring. Just a clean
surface. We also use Allen screws instead of the Phillips or flathead, as
you can tighten them down with the drum on. We spread a liberal amount of
RTV blue, black or copper... doesn't seem to matter. Torque your wheels to
the proper spec.

No leaks.


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Date: Sunday, September 27, 1998 6:40 PM
Subject: Rear Axle - DO NOT FWD ANYMORE

>I have the info I needed on the rear axle leak.  Please do not respond to
>request for old posts.  Thanks a million to SHK.

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