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Fulcrum Pin Substitute Tool

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Subject: Fulcrum Pin Substitute Tool
From: Richard D Arnold <richard.arnold@juno.com>
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 23:23:12 -0500
Reply-to: Richard D Arnold <richard.arnold@juno.com>
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>Can you describe the jack handle 
>you were using and what made it fit well?  

Sorry for the lateness of the reply -- the jack handle was just a generic
lug wrench / tire iron that has been lying around ye olde garage since
forever.  I think it came from a '70's mid-size GM.  The slot in my
fulcrum pins was somewhat buggered, and the largest screwdriver I had was
not big enough to fill in the entire slot.

We spotted the jack handle in the corner, and stuck it in the slot; once
we scraped out the accumulated goo, it fit quite well.  Had to grind it
down a bit to increase the thickness of the blade to take up some of the
slack in the slot.  The bend on the lug wrench portion of the tire iron
gave some nice leverage (as did my buddy with the big arms who was kind
enough to turn the thing whilst I heated it -- I should buy him a beer or

The slots of the new pins weren't screwed up of course, so I used the
tire iron (it's never touched a tire) out of the SO's '94 Pontiac Grand
Prix to screw them in.  Perfect fit, no slack in the slot, just stuck it
in and turned.....

In the meantime, I replaced one shim on the slightly stiff kingpin, and
restored it to a more pleasing amount of resistance without play.  I've
also installed the calipers, got the new front hoses in place, and the
new brake MC, and am looking for tires tomorrow.  Tomorrow night I plan
to do the rear brake hose, and prepare the rear wheel wells and axle for
what has been called one of my  "exercises in anal retentiveness."

Hope you all have a great day!

Council Bluffs, Iowa

'74.5 RB MGB "Miss Maggie"
'78 Chevy Half-Ton "Waltzin' Matilda"  (LBC Support Vehicle)
'79 Midget "Miss Molly"

richard.arnold@juno.com  or  rdarnold@neonramp.com

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