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PCV valve... lack there of

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Subject: PCV valve... lack there of
From: "Toby Atwater" <tob@sb.net>
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 01:11:23 -0700
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All this PCV valve stuff is coming at the correct time as always with the
list...I also hear that the PCV system is especially important with our

but I still have a few questions...

1st off let me tell you I found my "oil separator" connected to nothing...
so I was basically running without a PCV system...
so I have a PCV valve & new diaphragm that came with the parts for the car
and Im going to hook it up... according to various manuals... it hooks up at
the intake manifold... but earlier systems hooked up in a "Y" formation
in-between the carbs with out the valve... Is there any advantage in hooking
it up one way or the other? I imagine there is less vacuum between the carbs
than at the manifold...

other than that... I discovered the disconnected PCV system when I was
pulling my radiator. lets just say that the radiator wasn't mounted very
good, and it already had a gash in it, and the fan had a missing blade. for
some reason I didn't put 2 and 2 together... and well... I hit a speed bump
going a little fast a few days ago... and the other 4 blades decided to have
the radiator for breakfast... $20 later... my radiator looks brand new.
however I didn't appreciate the $39 new fan from M**S. C'est la vie...

Thanks again...
Toby Atwater,   Santa Barbara, CA, tob@taltec.net
1969 Austin Healey Sprite, mk 4
1971 FJ-40 Toyota Land Cruiser

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