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Free Midgets and Me (LOOOONG)

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Subject: Free Midgets and Me (LOOOONG)
From: "J. Adrian Barnes" <adrian@workgroup.net>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 08:16:38 -0400
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I like that subject line much better than one of my previous ones ($3K
Midgets and Me).

Well, thanks to Robert Weeks, I am now the proud owner of a 1975 Mustard
Yellow Midget.  I think the technical term for "Mustard Yellow" is
actually Harvest Gold (the same color as my first Midget).  So here's
the story, in case anybody's interested.

Yesterday I talked my dad into hooking up a U-Haul tow dolly to his
Blazer and we zipped from Knoxville down to Atlanta (200 miles or so) to
pick up this car.  (Observation:  If you ever are going to pick up a
car, try to rent the tow dolly when you get to your destination rather
than drag it behind you empty.  The vibrations are intense.)  Anyway,
the guy's directions were good so we went straight there.  Met the
folks, who were very nice, and then started to prepare the car for the
journey.  I brought 4 spare wheels, and used three of them.  We also had
to free up the rear passenger brake before it would roll.  Turns out the
car had been sitting for 7 years.  I was slightly concerned about
whether the car would fit on the U-Haul tow dolly since I had heard so
much about U-Haul saying it wouldn't fit.  However, the car fit
perfectly, better than on any other tow dolly I've ever used, and it
even had some room to spare.  Hooked it up and we were on our way.

Now, the guy didn't really want to get rid of it I think but his wife
did.  She had a huge smile when we got there, and it kept growing
exponentially while we were there.  I've never seen such a smile as the
one I saw in our rear view mirror as we pulled away.

Anyway, we stopped at Shoney's and then noticed one my my tires was
going flat.  One can of fix-a-flat later and we were on the interstate.
Those tow dollies sure work nicer with a car on them.  The trip home was
totally uneventful.  Upon arrival we found that the top, which had dry
rotted, was now scattered along the interstate between herer and there.
Not much was left at all.  This morning I put my hard top on it because
they were calling for rain.  Anybody have a spare used top?  By the way,
it took 2.5 hours down and only 2.75 hours back.

Here are the particulars:  Mustard Yellow, Weber downdraught, and
header.  From a quick overview, it's missing all the carpet, has a good
spare, has the jack and lug wrench, has the anniversary badge in the
dash, has all lights and guages, and the windshield is severely busted.
I mean like sledge hammer busted.  Good thing I have a spare, which I
thought was in bad shape til I saw this one.  Minimal rust (for a free
car) and no rocker overlays.  Medium sized dent in driver side fender.
Large...no...HUGE assortment of critters in the cockpit, including
multiple spider nests (deja vu?).  All components in engine compartment
looked good.  Overall, this car is in much better shape than the parts
car I bought for $500.  I think I'm going to try to get this one
running.  Conveniently, the key couldn't be found and then the steering
wheel locked.

Remind me not to complain again about not being able to find cheap/free
Midgets.  By the way, this thing's for sale.  The first $3000 takes it.
heh heh

(that was a joke.  it ain't for sale)

'75 Mustard Yellow delight
'75 purple project

J. Adrian Barnes, MCP
Business Information Group



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